Trends in Rates* of Injury Mortality Among 0 - 4 Year-Olds, California, United States, 1980 - 2007.

chart of injury mortality trends for the state chart of injury mortality trends for the USA

*State and national rates are calculated as 3-year running averages (see technical notes below).

With these charts you may compare the motor vehicle, homicide, and drowning rates in your state with those in the USA.

Click on each chart to download a MS Excel workbook file that contains a spreadsheet with the data and the chart in a form suitable for inclusion in a printed document.

Source: CDC Wonder Compressed Mortality Files, available at:

Note: When viewing mortality and disability statistics, it is important to remember that the statistical events occurred to individuals with lives, families, and friends.

Technical Notes: Consider these plots as general indicators of rate trends. In many states, for most years, adolescent suicide and homicide deaths are rare events (< 20 deaths). Rates calculated from rare events are said to be unreliable or unstable. Thus, the rates plotted are 3-year running- averages. (The number of deaths for the year plotted, the year before, and the year after were summed. That sum was then divided by 3. The population estimate for the year plotted was used as the denominator to calculate the rate.)

Definitions are based upon codes in the International Classification of Diseases Rev 9 (1979-1998) and Rev 10 (1999-2007) published by the World Health Organization.

  • Homicide ICD-9: E960-E969, ICD-10: X85-Y09 Y87.1;
  • Motor Vehicle ICD-9: E800-E825, ICD-10: V20-V79, V83-V89;
  • Suicide ICD-9: E950-E959, ICD-10: X60-X84, Y87.0.

Suggested Citation: Lawrence DW, Patel NB. Injury Mortality Trands Among Adolescents, California and United States, 1980-2007. San Diego, California: Center for Injury Prevention Policy and practice; available at

This project was supported in part through a contract with the California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Branch.

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